Sunday, February 15, 2009

Breezeway/Florida Room

This is a slightly awkward room. It is exactly eight feet wide and just over twenty feet long, running the entire width of the house. So, it's long and narrow. It separates the rest of the house from the garage. On one end is a sliding glass door leading toward the back yard. On the other a set of three jalousie windows (which I abhor) that look toward the front yard.. The window on the left side is over the kitchen sink.

Several years ago, I decided to paint the dark red brick to lighten the room and make it a bit more cheerful and less dark and dank. What a nightmare. I made so many mistakes! I think that is the one and only time I've ever cried over paint. It took forever to paint as the brick is highly textured and I had no clue about how to paint it. I also picked a blue and I'm not a blue fan. Then, I also picked the wrong sheen, gloss. Why I thought gloss would be right out there is still a mystery to me. I also picked a darker, greyer tone for the trim. When I was all done, it looked like a cross between a battleship and a pool locker room. I repainted the trim to the lighter blue and trimmed out several other things in a bright spring green. I also painted much of my furniture in there the same green, or a bright orange. I was going for a beachy, island look. Don't ask me why. I've since gotten rid of the old brass ceiling fan, painted all the trim a nice bright white, and left it at that. We use this room as a place for morning coffee in the spring and fall when it's a bit too chilly to go outdoors. Mostly however, we use the room as a large dog house. There's a doggy door in the slider and it allows the animals to come and get out of the weather. It also serves as a greenhouse for my ever shrinking house plant collection.

The floor is covered in bamboo mat-rug things we found on clearance. The underfloor is concrete and the bamboo is hard wearing and looks neat and clean.

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