Sunday, March 22, 2009

Houses, I'm thinking about houses.

All the time. It's all I think about. Wishing my house would sell, hoping the house I want will still be available when mine finally does sell, demoing, remodeling, and decorating the new house, wondering what I can do to make my house more attractive to buyers, etc. You get the picture. It's annoying and makes me boring. I'm ready to stop thinking, wishing, and dreaming and start doing.

I am also tired of falling in love with a house, crunching numbers, mentally renovating and decorating, picking colors, painting, wallpapering, furnishing and then imagining throwing the first open house/house warming party, only to find out that the house has been sold and I was dreaming about someone else's house. :::le sigh:: Yes, the court yard house, the elvis fabulous house, the harvest gold extravaganza house has been sold to a contractor and his fiancee. I'm sure they are a lovely couple, but I have trouble being gracious right now. Actually, I've already grieved it, cried over it, stomped my feet, and have moved on. I've found another house, far less expensive, two blocks away, that I could fall in love with. It's only been on the market a few days, but now it seems to have disappeared from the MLS service. Could it have sold in only five days? Really? How is that fair? I know, life is not fair. I need to get over it. Patience isn't my strong suit. Houses are taking four to six months in this market in this area to sell, I tell myself. I try to console myself with all the positive feedback we have received. Everyone loves our house. It's beautiful they say. The layout is great, they say. You can seat six in the dining room with room to spare, they say. They love the color scheme, they say. The love the vast amount of storage, they say. Then they notice that it only has one bathroom. ARGH!

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